• Testimonials

  • My musical journey started with Heidi about 6 months ago. As an adult, I had tried another music school prior to coming to HMS. There, I wasn’t happy with the way the lessons were taught nor the environment in which they were taught. Shortly after joining the HMS music family, I realized that I had joined something that was special. Heidi's professionalism and passion for her music shows in every aspect of her teaching. Her knowledge of music theory combined with real world techniques equates into a total musical experience. Her home studio provides the personal attention with no distraction that you don’t get from a traditional music school. Her lesson plans are tailored to each individual. I have learned so much in the short time that I’ve been with Heidi. My piano skills have increased tremendously while working with her. The very best goes out to Heidi. Continue the good work you are doing.


  • Heidi has been a very patient and encouraging piano teacher for my daughter Raina. She has been taking piano lessons for a little over a year now. Raina enjoys going to her lessons, and when I ask her what she likes the best about piano she said “Ms. Heidi makes piano FUN!” When I struggle as a parent to find ways to help Raina, Heidi always makes practical and age appropriate suggestions that are extremely helpful. I am so glad Raina has found a piano teacher that she loves and has a great rapport with. HMS Music is a wonderful place for anyone to learn piano and retain the musical instruction that is taught. Raina has more confidence and made such musical growth since starting the piano at age 7. I am so excited to see where she goes with her piano playing in the future. Thank you so much Heidi!

    Rachaelle K

  • My two boys ages 9 and 11 have been seeing Heidi for a year and a half now. Previously they were taking lessons elsewhere, since they have started with Heidi they have improved tremendously. She teaches them both classical and modern pieces and really tries to find pieces that they would enjoy learning. She has also improved their reading of notes by having them do theories and scales. The boys feel a sense of accomplishment when they have finished a piece they have worked so hard on. Thanks Heidi for teaching them that practice pays off and for being available when they need help on certain notes.


  • My experience as an adult student with Heidi is best described as life altering beyond my greatest expectations. I've gone from trying to read music and barely playing basic children's songs on my own to playing beautiful music of all varieties. (After just six months of lessons I played the Broadway version of Beauty and the Beast at the summer recital!). I'm astounded with the patience and customization Heidi puts into my lessons to make music make sense to me. She's understanding, encouraging and versatile. I'm blessed to have found Heidi and wholeheartedly recommend taking lessons with her to anyone of any age or skill level. She will help you achieve your musical goals and keep you on the path to success.

    Lauren M

  • We are very grateful to have a talented and thoughtful classical and modern piano teacher, for our 3 children, over the years. Heidi is very patient and adjusts to the needs of each student and household. Our oldest son had been with Heidi for 10 years. He branched out to compose and produce his own EDM music. The piano lessons for our daughter allowed her to become a strong musician and vocalist. Our littlest one loves to perform at the recitals in the nursing homes. I even got a chance to take lessons. Thank you Heidi for your gift.


  • I want to thank you for the many years of lessons you have given to my son Christopher. Since he was five years old, your dedication, warmth, consistency and obvious love of music have inspired Chris to learn and work hard to play the piano, and to push himself to try increasingly difficult pieces. I love that he never complains about practicing and that he is confident when he sits to play for family or friends. You also seem to be encouraging him now to improvise, which is another interesting challenge for a nine year old boy! I look forward to many more years of lessons from you for Christopher.


  • I've found Heidi Samuel's at HMS Music to be an inspiration to my daughter. My daughter is 15 and has been playing the piano since age 5. About 5 years ago she stared taking lessons from Heidi. It has been a pleasure to see her advance and enjoy playing the piano. Heidi has made it a wonderful experience for her.


  • Heidi has been crucial to both of my sons continuing music and piano education. She is supportive and allows each of them to grow at their own pace. My boys love her and I am thrilled as a parent to see their growth in skill and interest, which is in large part due to the learning environment that Heidi fosters.


  • Heidi has cultivated a passion for music in my daughter. When my daughter began taking lessons she was reluctant to practice, but Heidi found a way to capture her interest and promote a love for music. Now she is quite the performer; she does not miss the opportunity to play for friends and family. In the 2 years that she has been studying the piano, her skills and confidence have grown exponentially. Thanks for all the work you've done with my daughter.


  • It is pleasure to have Heidi as my daughter's piano teacher for the last four years. She has a huge amount of talent as a pianist and is very enthusiastic about teaching piano to her students. She makes learning piano fun and enjoyable for her students.

    Mrs. Dhawan